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I've owned a 2003 Jetta TDI for about a year and got my wife a 2005 Jetta Wagon TDI about a month ago.

Flew to Albuquerque, NM to pick it up and had a nice drive back to North Central Florida with only a few minor problems - flat tire and a fuel guage that let me run out of fuel in the middle of no-where West Texas!!

Have a few minor problems:
  1. Key FOB doesn't work at all
  2. Back (5th) door release doesn't work
  3. Cruise control won't hold speed
  4. Don't have a clue when the timing belt was last changed
  5. New Mexico is the dustiest place I have ever tried to clean out of a car - dust is everywhere that wasn't wiped down

Good new is that the car has a new EGR valve and reman fuel pump as well as drove well for the 2000 miles home.

Any suggestions on finding information about the wagon parts - seems no place has specific information about wagons of this age.


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That stinks! You were probably wondering how you were getting so many miles per tank ;)

The 2005 wagon is pretty much the same as the 2003 in terms of body. The 2005 wagon uses the BEW engine which was also used in the 2004-2006 Golf, New Beetle, and 2004-2005 Jetta.
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