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Hi everyone, I am a new member to the forum. I live in MD and own a 2004 Passat TDI. I have only done basic maintenence to my car such as oil changes and fuel filter changes. I have in the past taken my car to the dealer for repairs but I would like to educated myself about my car so i can take on my challenging job.

My car has 108K miles on it and i hope to keep it for quite a while longer. I have done all the reqiured maintenence on my car thus far (i.e. timing belt, glow plugs (recall), etc.) based on the VW service schedule. But recently i have been experiencing more engine vibration at idle (in gear) and i think my motor mounts are going bad. This is one reason i would like to read thru this forum.

I will say im glad to have found this forum because my car is rare and having a good resource like this is useful. Look forward to learning more from this forum.

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Here's the test for motor mount vs. driveshaft.

At a stoplight w/engine running, put the car into neutral. If vibration is much less, it's the driveshaft. If no difference, it's probably motor mount. There are writeups in the FAQ for replacment of both.
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