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I purchased my fourth Jetta, and third VW diesel back in August - a White 2006 TDI, and thus began the process of getting intimately familiar (and falling deeper in love,) with yet andother VW. I've since already placed another 11K miles on it, performed the 10K service (had difficulties finding the right fuel filter and such.) Got the Ross-Tech HEX+CAN cable right off, have added fog lights (found the info on this site helpful.)

Previous VW's - Found an '86 Jetta GL in Portland, Or in May of '06 with working AC and 318K miles on a 1.8 Litre gas motor. Took the motor out and sold it on carigslist, and found a 1.6 TD motor in a crate from Germany with 45K miles on it. I've since put another 50K on that car. Updated stereo, speakers, lighting, suspension, etc. Smells like diesel, so my bride-to-be let me get a newer TDI that doesn't smell! WooHoo!

Anyways - Today I'm thinking about updating the GPS satelite radio with newer software, possibly add an Ipod adapter. The radio has the external CD-changer - neither the changer or the head unit play mp3 disks. The unit does have an AUX input selection in the tuner selections. Anyone know if this works with the CD changer installed?
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