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Really pleased to find this forum, have just bought a Leon fr cr 2009, hoping for some advice about timing belt change.
Got halfway through the job, then had to leave it for a week, forgotten where I got too. New belt on, used locking tools to set crank and cam, both fit ok. Just checking that there is no way that I could have got the cam one revolution out ? And would this matter anyway ? Ie if the pin goes in at tdc, it must be right ?
Apologies for the novice question, feeling a bit stupid, be grateful for any help.

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Welcome to the forum.

Its nice to see you made an intro on your own. ;)

This is a new forum layout which is owned by a company 6 months ago that doesn't give a dam with loads of bugs which have been reported in the new thread. There is no TDI Wiki at the moment or original similes. It doesn't show the car spec/location.

We Are Live - Community Feedback

This has been talked about many times.

I've made a poll which no one has posted in, there are a few votes and comments.

Do you like the new forum features?

Wiki pages have been restored as of 7th December, I asked where is the link it should be on top of the main forum.

2009 Seat Leon, we do a Seat and Skoda sub forum if you want to post any problems you have in there.
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