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1999 AJM TDI 115hp/85KW PD
5spd manual
225000km as of 07/01/2011
Relaxed driving style => less than 5l/100kms (min 4.3l/100km)

DIY done over the years :
1) oil and filter changes / checking timing belt condition (standard maintenance)
2) EGR cleaned and disabled / intake manifold cleaned (big improvement)
3) replaced outer CV boots
4) Replaced all 4 engine glow plugs

Happy New Year to everyone!

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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

I'm not being critical as most would say on here but I think it would be useful if you showed the year in the car spec, 1999? You have at least shown the engine code which narrows it down, thank you. ;)
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