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Good afternoon,

I have recently purchased a lupo cheap so I can use it to get to and from work but I am having issues with the immobilizer not allowing the car to run for more than a second.

I have been searching online for information about how to retrieve the SKC code and came across a site detailing that I needed to introduce myself, the car and why I needed the code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the car I'm currently using is a loan car and the person wants it back.

Unfortunately I don't have vcds but I am told by said site that there is a way of obtaining that code, I understand that you can't be putting information like this on the web for everyone to see so if anyone can help please PM me.



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Welcome to the forum.

Its nice to see you made an intro on your own. ;)

This is a new forum layout which is owned by a company 6 months ago that doesn't give a dam with loads of bugs which have been reported in the new thread. There is no TDI Wiki at the moment or original similes. It doesn't show the car spec/location.

We Are Live - Community Feedback

This has been talked about many times.

I've made a poll which no one has posted in, there are a few votes and comments.

Do you like the new forum features?

Wiki pages have been restored as of 7th December, I asked where is the link it should be on top of the main forum.

That isn't a good question to answer on an intro.

Lupo use many engine sizes/types what year is as this is a TDI forum?

We don't know what has been done or tried.

The only way you will find the Secret Key Code (SKC) is with VAG-TACKO which you can Google.

This forum doesn't have a Lupo sub forum so any questions post in general.
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