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Welcome to the forum Wilma. welcometomyturbodies

like the anti-roll function when you're on an incline. anks,
I think its called hill hold we don't have it in the UK unless you order it plus I believe they do fit to manual gearbox as a 2011 option. I don't see the point in letting some mechanical/electronic device slipping the clutch so you can hold on a hill thats just bad driving practice thats what hand brakes are for.

Anyone have any recommendations for RPM level ideal for shifting 1st to 2nd? I have been shifting earlier rather than later for this gear change, since I find 2nd gear has lots of torque even at lower RPMs.
Well its difficult to give anyone driving tips over the web. I'm sure you will get used to what rpm to change gear in time.

Ok I see we have another female on here perhaps she would like to make a comment in here? ;)

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