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Hello everyone, new TDI owner from Montana. Just bought a 2003 VW TDI Wagon. So far everything is beautiful and I'm here just to learn more about my car. Owned a 1982 Diesel Rabbit which I loved but gave up when it would no longer start in the warm weather.

I am having a bit of trouble with rough starting when the temp is above freezing. Glow plugs don't stay on long enough. Car started better when it was 27F than it did this afternoon at 65. Must be a timing issue and it will be a while til I can get a VCDS setup. Although the issue isn't annoying at all, it just takes 4 seconds for the engine to go on it's own instead of right away.

Look forward to seeing all that is offered here.

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Try unplugging the coolant temp sensor. It's on the coolant flange on the head. It will trick the ECU into giving full glow plug glow time. It shouldn't make a difference because it's pretty warm though so check the cold start advance solenoid too.
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