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I was introduced to the TDI through my Daughter and Son inlaw who own a 2000 Jetta TDI. I do much of my own auto repair and am the go to guy for advise when things are not driving correctly. I had not worked on a vw never mind a diesel until this car. From the research that I have done to diagnose the possible causes of malfunction I have become intrigued with the machine and the diesel technology. So much so that I bought a duplicate vehicle as a project car. The project car has been driven hard. It came with a Bully Dog mod box (currently disabled), has 320,000 km or 198,000 miles, ALH motor and EGR 5 speed manual transmission listed on the build sticker in the trunk but an EBJ transmission installed. Motor starts and runs well, all functions on the vehicle operate with the exception of AC and drivers door interior light switch. My intent is to get it certified road worthy so I can drive the car, then tinker with modifications. It needs some brake and front end work that I can handle but my big problem is I have to replace the transmission. The transmission makes a cyclical bearing type noise when the car is moving, will not go into 4th (it grinds but does not engage) and when you put it into 5th you cannot get it out without shutting the car down. I have located used transmissions both an EGR and an EBJ with less kilometers on the EBJ. I have read that they are the same transmission with different shift towers but conflicting reports about how easy it is to swap the shift tower and or whether that is necessary at all. I want this to be as simple as possible. So if some one can direct me to or inform me as to what the differences are between the two transmission codes and how complicated the swap may be I would be grateful. Then I can decide which to purchase the EGR or the EBJ.
This website is a great resource. I am hoping with a little more experience I may be able to contribute with advise and not just ask for it.
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