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New Member in the South UK

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Just here to introduce myself.
I Purchaced a 1.9Gttdi a year ago and on the way home from buying it overheated and nearly blew up.
Turns out it was a bodge head job and sell it to me situation.
Since then i have taken out the 115 AJM engine i had in it.
Put an ASZ 130 engine in
Fitted new cam belt, gearbox, clutch, Maf, airbox, 2 doors, custom (to marry together) intercooler pipework, new bonnet head light and wing.
And now i have started doing mods to the car that i actually want to do as opposed to need to:
Brembo brakes done, r32 wishbone bushes and skoda VRs rear bushes, GTi rear spoiler, aeroblades,
lots of vag-com tinkering: autolocking, beep on lock (german), lights on unlock and other bits and bobs.
When i'm not cheffing i like to play with VAG based diesels and gennerally fiddle.
Next up trying to decide the best way to fit a rear ARB and make in look and feel OEM.
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Oh boy, I hope you had words with the seller. Welcome!
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