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New Member in Minnesota

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Greetings all,

Here's *wishing* I had a turbo diesel, but I'm driving a lowly 2002 turbo-gasser.
This forum has some unbelievably high quality postings, and I'm thrilled to be here.
Currently in the middle of replacing the oil pan (that my son ripped cracked when he went over a parking lot curb...) Couldn't do it without this info!

BTW, any 'must do's' while I've got it up on blocks? (great wooden blocks, BTW).
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Welcome! Why does VW make aluminum oil pans? You want to reduce lightness at the top of the engine and the oil pan doesn't seem to be the place to have a fragile part.
New member from Wisconsin

Greetings to all here. I am very appreciative of all the information and sharing found here.
I have been happily driving a 1981 Rabbit diesel and will soon be purchasing a 2013 Passat TDI.
I am hoping to be able to chip tune this motor. I understand there is fundamental difference in both the turbo and the injectors are solenoid not piezo. Any recommendations for this engine variant for tuning would be appreciated! Thank you again up front for all the assistance!
I am still amazed what 52 HP can do with a little car, I know my socks will be blown off by a modified 2.0TDI. :thumbsup
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