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New member in Cincinnati

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Hi everybody,

I've been on TDICLUB which has been awesome. Yet, this is pretty darned nice info also.

I've recently done a timing belt replacement on my 2000 Jetta TDI. Everything went well. Static timing was actually a little advanced, but I may tweak it just a little bit.

The only problem that I've been dealing with is what appears to be a bad MAF sensor or a partially clogged intake causing lower than spec airflow. Airflow runs at a maximum of about 685 when accelerating full throttle around 3500rpm. I haven't checked it at higher RPM, yet. That's on the agenda for this weekend.

I'm in the suburbs north of I-275 in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I have VCDS-Lite (the registered version), if you need a hand.

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Welcome! Thanks, the FAQ here is continuously updated, corrected, and the site maintained. (That's all I'll say about that) Each article also has google search so you can easily find more info.

If the TB is already slightly advanced I'd just leave it there. It will come back down once the belt settles in and gets some miles on it. It's worth going back in and adjusting if it's way advanced.

That MAF reading is on the low side, logging it at higher RPM is a good idea.
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