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Hello all. I am a new member from the Atlanta area. I have a 2009 Jetta TDI and last week bought a Tempest Blue JSW TDI. It is awesome. I like the creature comforts that have been added since 09. My stereo is much better and the instant heat in the mornings beats the 09s 20 minute warm up.

I installed an AFE intake the day I got it. I stole the intake off of the wife's 09. I should be getting the AFE exhaust in the mail this week to pop on. I think the intake makes here a little more peppy and I was able to get over 46 MPG in the 09 over 150 mile hwy trip at 75MPH.

Just wanted to drop a hello and see if anyone has a shop around town to do some vagcom work.


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Welcome! Why do you feel the stereo is much better? You mean the headunit right? I think the actual speakers and whatnot are about the same. If you need any vagcom work, feel free to make a post in the VCDS section under the general forum.

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