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First of all, thanks for this site and all the info I have received so far. I have a 2005.5 Jetta TDI w/ BRM. My wife reported a strange noise and I heard sounds not unlike those in the camshaft inspection youtube videos. The car has 93K on it and I was planning a timing belt replacement soon... so that has turned into a camshaft inspection and replacement of worn parts as well as the timing belt job. The VW did go into Chapman VW here in Tucson before my discovery of this site and they quoted me a new cylinder head as well as all the parts for the camshaft at approx 6K. He put some info in the write-up including compression testing that seemed off, 700psi for 2,3,4 and 500psi for 1. Well I don't have $6000, but I have a handy mechanic father and some time to see what we can do and whether we can fix the car. I haven't had any other issues except an Emissions workshop light that turned out to be a brake light sensor. Between my wife and I we have had 3 Jettas, 1 Fox, 1 GTI and 1 Cabrio. Thanks for any help and I would welcome help/ response for the cylinder head question.
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Post moved to the mk5 section since it's got some technical questions.

You can buy a cheap compression tester off ebay. It might not be 100% accurate but what you're looking for is consistency between cylinders. 700 psi would be way high. The specs are in the FAQ article but about 450-550 is normal for a healthy engine.

Take the valve cover off and do the inspection yourself. It's easy once you know the trick in the writeup on how to position the camshaft sprocket. Do a lobe inspection.

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