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Hi all

Just posted to the MK 4 forum, but then read the sticky here



Live in Bristol UK and got a Mk 4 Golf petrol. It's the 1.6 model with air con, alloy wheels, and the dreaded immobiliser. Been having problems with the immobiliser not allowing me to start the car. It's done over 100k now, but otherwise it's been a good car.

Found this page


which seems to be the best info available on the 'net about this problem.

Got the key tag with the secret number and a key that will work in the locks. Next time it happens I'd like to try the emergency start procedure in the link above, but not sure which number is the SKC.

There are 2 labels on the key with numbers that might be the SKC.

Is it the 4 digit number behind the scratch off label, or is it the last 4 digits of the 5 digit number that starts with a zero on the other label?

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Doesn't it start with the 0? Replied to the other post, in the FAQ article it shows the tag on the left. If you're having these intermittant problems, check the antenna or the wiring to the antenna. Otherwise it's an instrumnet cluster internal fault or other problem. The keys shouldn't fail.
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