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Welcome to the forum Jules. welcometomyturbodies
VAG wants to sell millions of cars,
That isn't what I'm told. In the UK we can have anything between 4 and 7 months build/delivery times. I asked why do it take so long to build and deliver a car? They said they can build them faster but VW don't want a mass of Golfs on the roads as it looks like they are cheap and common.

Considering there is supposed to be a world recession (bull) I would have thought the would have made the cars quicker else customers will go to other dealers if the have to wait months and months. I was told 3 months waiting list when I ordered mine then after 2 months they rang me and told me it would be delayed another month because of the demand for the scappage scheme so I waited 4 months for mine. Luckily I wasn't desperate and I still had a perfect car that was taxed and tested. ;)
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