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New member - hi

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Hi all,
I have a Skoda Octavia (110 Tdi) which is really a VW under the clothing.
I currently have some major VNT overboosting issues though which is really causing me some grief.
I found a great article on this forum for repairing the turbo though, hence my reason for joining
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The newer Octavia is practically a Jetta with a hatchback (not like the Golf's hatchback). The first time I sat in one I couldn't believe how close it was, even down to the dashboard and knobs. There were some differences though - it didn't have the pull out armrest or sunvisors.

Any idea why Skoda isn't in the US? VAG wants to sell millions of cars, you might as well sell everything you can as long as it makes money.
Welcome to the forum Jules. welcometomyturbodies
VAG wants to sell millions of cars,
That isn't what I'm told. In the UK we can have anything between 4 and 7 months build/delivery times. I asked why do it take so long to build and deliver a car? They said they can build them faster but VW don't want a mass of Golfs on the roads as it looks like they are cheap and common.

Considering there is supposed to be a world recession (bull) I would have thought the would have made the cars quicker else customers will go to other dealers if the have to wait months and months. I was told 3 months waiting list when I ordered mine then after 2 months they rang me and told me it would be delayed another month because of the demand for the scappage scheme so I waited 4 months for mine. Luckily I wasn't desperate and I still had a perfect car that was taxed and tested. ;)
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