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Hello, all!
While I've tinkered and helped repair some friends' Mercedes diesels in previous years, my newly-acquired 2006 Jetta TDI w/ DSG is my first diesel vehicle. I must say that I absolutely love it so far!

While it came to me with 120,000 miles on the clock, it drives, rides and sounds like it is brand new. At least it seems that way when compared to the GM nightmare that I'd been driving for the last 8 years, which recently gave up the ghost.

Regarding the death of my previous car, it was either trying to be helpful or the timing was ridiculously perfect. It bought the farm not even two minutes after I had cursed the quickly rising cost of fuel and the horrible real-world fuel economy of the car (17/20mpg when sticker said 26/32).
I'm sure that this is just crazy talk, but part of me feels that my car was trying to help me out by reducing its fuel consumption. Unfortunately, it did that by changing itself from an underpowered V6 to a horribly mis-balanced 5 cylinder, eating valves in the process. Ugh.

I suppose that one way or another, it did help me out by providing the perfect opportunity to snatch up a TDI!

Sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to say hello and explain (if in a roundabout fashion) that I'm loving my '06 Jetta TDI! Also, this site's FAQs were absolutely invaluable when comparing my replacement purchase options! Thank you!

As the dealer did not have a full maintenance history on the TDI, I talked them down another $1500 (it was already less than other less-equipped TDIs nearby) in place of them servicing the DSG and replacing the timing belt and water pump! I'm going to knock out the TB/water pump this weekend and have a VW shop do the DSG very soon, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again!
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