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Hi all,
I am a member over at tdiclub and an owner of a 2005 golf. I've had the car a couple of months now, and the turbo just blew at 130,000. The shaft broke and the exhaust side is just rattling inside the housing. I am changing the timing belt while the car is apart, since the dealer couldn't tell me if it had been changed. I am also thinking of dropping in a manual 5-speed transmission while the car is out of service, as I currently have the tiptronic and am using a gtb2260 turbo as a replacement. The only thing I have sourced for the manual swap so far is a shifter box and cables, so if anyone is trying to get rid of the rest and wants to ship, let me know. Cheers!
Chris in Denton
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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