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I recently purchased a 2005 TDI Passat with 81k miles. Though the dealer replace the timing belt as part of the deal, now i am reading about the BSM issue wondering if i made a wise decision to purchase this car.
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Is it under warranty? Probably not but I own a Passat TDI and am very happy. Unfortunately, many cars have problem areas and this one just happens to be an expensive one.

If you can fix it yourself, the step-by step pictorial is written so that anyone can follow it. You just need the tools, time, space, and some basic experience to have confidence in your mechanical repair ability.

If you can't, ask the dealer to help fix it, it's a well known issue. Will every car have it? I don't know since I've seen cars with higher mileage that seem and sound OK. However, some have had this problem at a mileage lower than yours and some expert TDI mechanics believe every one will have it at some point - it's just a matter of what mileage they have it at. Maybe the dealer will let you trade it with something else.

On the bright side, there are a few newer TDI that are having much more expensive high pressure fuel pump problems. While the number with this problem compared to the number sold is very small, the repair cost is much greater. The repair cost on the Passat TDI does take away some of the money savings but if you want to keep the car for a long time, this is a good car.
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They sold him a used car and these are normally as-is unless otherwise stated. Warranties don't cover preventative maintenance.
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