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Hello. My name is Ali. Been reading tutorials from this site a lot, especially ALH and BEW differences.
When I lived with parents back in DEU we had Polo TDI 1.4l. Small car but very reliable. Because of that I am Jetta TDI guy here now. I really love my car but its not that reliable as one we had back in Europe. Since I am only a student and part time apple support guy, want to spend more time learning about structure of TDI.
Recently had issue with clutch and tdi club helped me to find good replacement here: http://www.mjmautohaus.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3999
this will save we a lot from shop & dealers quote.

I like this place for very good quality pictured guides and explanations. Basically its a good place to study I guess.

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