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New member from Safety Harbor, Florida

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Hello all! I bought a 2006 TDI Jetta manual about 6 months ago now and am greatly enjoying owning a VW again. My previous VWs were a 1979 Rabbit (gas) and a 1979 VW Van. The Jetta had about 55,000 on it when I bought it.

I am not quite getting the fuel mileage I had hoped for, but it has been hot the whole time here in Florida and I always have the air conditioner on. It probably doesn't help that most of my miles are on the interstate going 75 to 80 either.

I am planning on changing my oil tomorrow and have some Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic European Formula SAE 5W-40, which when I bought thought was 505.01. Reading the back, it says it meets or exceeds API SM, ACEA A3/B4-04 and A3/B3-04. Meets BMW LL-01, MB-Approval 229.5, Porsche and VW 502.00/505.00.

Is this the right stuff?

Also, I am interested in any relatively simple mods that increase the fuel economy.
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It's not approved to VW's spec. You can use it but unless you're in a rush I'd get 505.01 oil. IIRC, many people have used non approved oils with success.

What kind of mpg are you getting now? Mods include lower resistance tires but I'd say driving habits and technique make a big difference. Modern VW need a computer cable called ross tech VCDS. You can get the HEX CAN cable or the mini one that works on CAN BUS cars. Check the camshaft timing and make sure it's not retarded.
The biggest free and simple mod is turning off the AC and slowing down. The increase in drag is the square of increase in speed. Slowing down from 80 to 70 really reduces drag more than slowing down from 60 to 50. Lighter weight oil can help but I wouldn't go lighter than 5w-40 to protect against camshaft wear.
55-65 you get the best. What type of diesel you use. Check tires
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