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New member from Ontario

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Been a VW owner now for close to a year. Always loved the thought of cruising around in a reliable car with great fuel miliage. So I got myself a 2006 Jetta TDI. But starting to have some troubles with it and was hoping I may find some answers here.
I've been taking the car in for regular maintenance, but just in this last two weeks things have been pilling up. Has anyone had issues with their windshield wipers? The rod that connects the two of them together under the plastic housing busted right off. If anyone has replaced this themselves and has advice it would be great.
Also my Airbag warning light just came on (I'll be taking it in to get that looked at real soon), and the last one which isn't a biggy, but a couple times when I took a look under the hood the vacuum line which connects to the air filter housing is disconnected. Will this affect the MAF sensor?
Common sense told me (before I new what is was) that it should stay connected, so I rigged it up a bit more secure.

Sorry for the big one on the first visit, but by browsing around I can tell there is a lot of good info on this site!
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I've never heard of bad windshield wipers being a common problem.

I've had an airbag warning light but I cleared it and it never came back. A common problem is the wiring and plug under the front seats. I'll bet that the airbag code will be related to these.

Which vacuum line? Find whoever is removing it and tell them to stop:)
Ya! I caught the culprit and he said he would never do it again!

Can I clear a warning light myself or should I take it to the shop? I likely need a special device?
I'm more of a brake and oil change guy but I'm slowly learning!
Autozone or your local parts store can clear engine lights for free with their tools but I think they're not supposed to. I don't think they can turn off the airbag warning light.

Check out Ross tech's VCDS. It's expensive but it's an essential tool for DIY maintenance and it can change a number of settings on the car. See the FAQ for examples. Here is one. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/open-remote-window.htm

Wow, alot of neat stuff can be done with some knowhow! You are a fanatic, it's awsome!
That's for the info and your time.
chittychittybangbang is correct on the cause of the airbag light. Sometimes (but not always) the light comes on after moving a front seat either all the way forward or back. VW's loom supplier made the wiring just a little bit to short for the requirements and we pay for it. VW's response at the dealership is to remove the secondary connector under the seat and hardwire the wiring for the seat sensor. The code can be cleared without any issue. If you let me know where in Ontario you are, I might be close enough to help you out.
The windshield wiper connecting rod issue is usually caused when the passenger side wiper is exerting resistance to move. This can be caused by an obstruction of the wiper (I'm sure you would have noticed something on the windshield big enough to do that), or the wiper arm shaft has become oxidized enough to the point where it doesn't want to rotate. You can check that with the connecting rod disconnected by moving the wiper arm itself. If should move freely.

Hope this helps
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