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New Member from Michigan

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Hello i am a new member from Michigan and a long term TDI person. I purchased a new 2000 Jetta tdi and still have it with 170,000 miles on it. My sons have it in college at this time, great car did have to clean the intake and put a new turbo on but still very happy with the car. It is red with HR springs, koni adjustable shocks, big brakes and stock engine with 17 inch wheels. I take it to track days and autocrosses and have a ton of fun.,

I just purchased a 2006 jetta TDI with 120,000 miles, just did the timing belt and i should have looked a the cam first but did not, i looked at the cam the other nite and it needs one, so i am ordering the parts and will get that replaced. I got the car cheap at $ 10,000 so will still be a good deal and will give me good service for the next 100,000 miles.

I am looking forward to joining your group and learnin more about these cars.

Oh the 2006 jetta is black, with a nice window tint, just put 18 inch wheels on it and lowered it with hr springs so it looks great, first track day with it this week.
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That's a good price. Any options? I've been considering a newer car but the cam problem has scared me off and the HPFP problems has scared me off the new ones. I'm probably going to keep the Golf until any teething problems have been fixed or solutions found.
Also from Grand Rapids, maybe I'll see you out on the road.
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