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new member from Georgia

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I currently have a 1999 tdi jetta and a 2001 tdi beetle.
I am having some difficulty getting the immo reset on the beetle after replacing the instrument cluster. The cluster was replaced because the old cluster would not communicate with VAGCOM. i could not communicate with any of the controllers in the car until the cluster was replaced. it was replaced with a cluster from anothe beetle that had the same part number cluster. the engione would start with the old cluster but i get the immo indicator with the new cluster. i do not have the key that came wioth the other beetle and i do not have a skc code. Are there any other options beside hauling the car to the dealer?
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Look through the immobilizer FAQ for third party tools to bypass the immobilizer. They are in the exclusive resources section to minimize the possibility of making these tools public knowledge. You must get the SKC code and then you can use VCDS/ vag com to get it started.
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