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I've got a 2005 Passat TDI Wagon w/tiptronic. It's generally been trouble free for about 65k miles.

Just got glow plug recall and 60k service done and the dealer has a big estimate for work. So it's time for me to brush up on what needs to be done.

Trans Mounts
upper links (front suspension)
tires and alignment

I'll pick the car up later today and will have their exact list.

rear (electric) door locks have been intermittent.

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No rear door locks is strange. It's normal to have to pull the handle twice from the inside, once to unlock, another to open.

One more thing you should consider is the timing belt by 80k according to VW, you might be able to go to 90 or 100k if you want to risk it which is what the owner's manual says. However, it was shortened to 80k by VW. Also check out the balance shaft writeup in the FAQ for a common problem that VW Passat TDI have. The oil pump chain and tensioner break.
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