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Love my old 2006 commuter with 230,000 and it needs a camshaft.

While I’m in there I am considering the EGR delete. Can you guys help me with a couple questions?...

I’ve heard the only real benefit is not having to maintain the EGR system. Is that correct?

I’ve also heard the engine will run cooler. Can you help me quantify how much cooler? I’m in Alaska and already put a cover over the grill every winter to help it warm up faster...


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I had. have. a 2006 jetta sedan. It's got the EGR delete, race pipe, muffler delete, malone stage 2, PD140 turbo upgrade, and a billion other small tweaks. I lived in way upstate NY, so it also got cold up there too, not as bad as alaska.

It doesn't help your engine run cooler, it DOES make the engine take longer to warm up.

In order to do this without a CEL (check engine light) you'll need to perform a tune, or have a tuner install one.
Malone stage two worked extremely well for me, and I used that till the stock turbo wore out and replaced with the PD140 which performed even better.

Unfortunately, the cam swap doesn't open you up to an EGR anything, and getting the EGR/cooler out is a BEAR.
This would be a job better paired with a turbocharger replacement or installing a down pipe or replacing the cat.

The down and dirty is this:
No EGR/cooler maintenance, ever.
No hiss when the EGR cooler blows its valve seal.
Less clutter behind the engine block.
No dirty air blowing into your intake manifold creating crud.

Longer warm up time due to no EGR cycle.
Emissions related bad juju/conscience
Tight work space, requires $$ for tune. (worth it)

Let me know what questions you have. I have an '11 JSW now, so the BRM work was a while ago these days, memory is getting fuzzy.
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