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02 black jetta bought with 196k miles for $3900. DMF (dual mass flywheel) was breaking up causing a very annoying vibration (door opened fully would shake up and down 1/4 inch or more) at idle and when engaging the clutch but wasnt as bad when in gear and driving. the driver side tie rod must have been replaced and the front end wasnt aligned because that tire is now balding on the inside and the outside looks like its new rubber. i bought the car just outside atlantic city, jersey and drove it a few hundred miles back to maine with only 4 lug nuts on each front wheel. the clutch was changed before i bought it as was the timing belt so i was told, clutch felt new(engaging at the floor) and the spring was tight for the first month, it only lasted 8k miles which brings me to the present. i have a g60/vr6 SMF (single mass flywheel) and clutch with new rear main seal and throw out bearing. ive been reading the tranny removal for mkiv on the forum and im looking forward to reading the rest :D

Edit: the mods to my car are custom fog lights and a 2400watt sound system
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