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new member - 2001 VW new beetle, manual transmission

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We are getting ready to do some clutch work on our 2001 new beetle. Our car has been sitting for nearly 3 mos now. My 17 year old daughter was driving it one day, when she said the clutch pedal went all the way to the floor and there was some smoke and a burning smell. Once we got the car back home, we discovered all the brake fluid had leaked out and determined it was the slave cylinder. We replaced the slave cylinder and hydraulic clutch line. Now the clutch is making a chattering noise and appears to still be spinning even though its not in gear. When attempting to change gears with the stick shift, there are grinding noises. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated..
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Did you bleed the system or just replace the line and refill? It won't work with any air bubbles in the lines, see the FAQ for how to bleed the system. I would also flush the brake lines. You definitely don't want air in those. Since you just had this problem I would guess the problem is related to it. Any more details?

Also, since this is a technical question, moved to mk4 section.
Yes, if the fork bends the slave cylinder will shoot out or pop because there's no resistance on the other side but great hydraulic pressure on one side. It happens.
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