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Google and vwvortex.com got me here...


John in western N.C.
wife bought her sisters 2000 Beetle 2.0 AEG with 116K

discovered the horrible build up of condensation in oil filler cap and through the breather tube to air intake - obstructed by the "mustard" froth of oil. ( removed oil filler neck from valve cover and breather tube to intake and cleaned all up ) - initial reaction was thought of blown head gasket. eek!

as part of new to us service on the car, I changed spark plugs, air filter, flushed oil system 2x, removed and cleaned oil pan, new oil & filter, and new serpentine belt. need new timing belt kit as well found good deal at MJMautohaus online.

unexpectedly, the (new to me) "immobilizer light" came on after wife filled up at wal-mart one night.
car will start but immediately shuts down, & immobilizer flashes constantly as long as key is in and on. Check engine light goes off when you crank it up.

have tried the key re-sync trick, ign on - lock door with key - remote unlock no luck.

have since had bug towed to local mechanic buddy.. who has no Vag-Tech.
mechanic has had someone come to hook up ODB2 diagnotics to car as well as some new $8000 diagnostic ???? and he didnt figure anything out, but suspected the car has "computer problems"

semi local VW dealership thinks the immobilizer cluster is bad - based on my description on phone.

I have searched the web over... have read of doing various resets, disables, etc..

tempted to purchase a VAG405 from obd2-scanner.com to give to mechanic for future use. LOL.

tempted to get/use a Galletto to disable the immobilizer.

best suggestion? more info needed?

kind regards,

John in Western NC.
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