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New Hampshire / Mass TDI owner needs some help

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I'm a long time wrench on all sorts of things, mostly turbo supras and lexus. I just picked up a 2004 Jetta TDI with 192K on it. It had a p0299 code (low boost) but after clearing the code it has not come back. The car seems to be very low power, and can't really get past 60mph. Sometimes it seems to pep up a bit though. The car has been (seemingly) well maintained, the timing belt was replaced in the last 4K, good tires, brakes, etc, very clean overall. I spoke to the previous owner (I did not buy it from him, I got it wholesale after he traded it on a new TDI) and he told me where it was serviced, so I will call them monday to get copies of the history.

I'm hoping there's a local forum member who might be able to guide my efforts in getting the power back. The turbo does not seem to be dead. The cooler piping is OK, though the spring clip retainer setup by the throttle body is a bit loose. Not sure that it could be leaking badly enough to throw a code though. Like I said the P0299 has not returned and I've put 4 highway miles on the car.

I'm starting by doing an oil change with filter, fuel filter and the cabin air filter.

Please post any ideas about solving the problem.
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Hi,welcometomyturbodies It might just be needing a clean out in the inlet manifold and turbo vanes or the actuator might not be working properly. I think there's a trouble shooter for low power in the 1000 how to and index faq at the top of the page.:)

Yip. Here's one for early 2004 non pd engine


And here's one for the pd engine


I think they're probably both the same.
Hey, thanks. I checked thr 1000q guide and it's very comprehensive. Its actually too comprehensive and I could spend tons of time chasing possible solutions, hence my hope that someone local would be around who might want to make a couple bucks helping out ;)
Lol I know what you mean. It does sound like the turbo isn't boosting though because when I had limp mode in the past my car was very similar in lacking power. I would check the pipes coming from the turbo to the inlet manifold then the vacuum lines and then the turbo actuator, I think these things are relatively easy to start with.:)
Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

EOBD II Error Code: P0299

Fault Location:
Turbocharger (TC)/Supercharger (SC) - low boost

Possible Cause:
Reduced Power Output.
Limp Mode.

Mechanical fault.
Hoses/Pipes incorrect connected, disconnected or leaking.
Charger Pressure Control defective.

Possible Solutions:
Check Hoses/Pipes to/between Components.
Check / Clean / Replace Charge Pressure Control.

Special Notes:
When found in 2.0l TFSI:
Check Boost Pressure Control Valve (N249), for cracked rubber diaphragm. A new/optimized Valve is available under Part # 06H-145-710-D (or newer), see TPI 2016331 for details.

As taken from my http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f9/free-eobd-ii-error-codes-software-2919/

So you've done another scan and nothing else shows up? ;)
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Nope, nothing yet, I'm waiting to get it registered and I ordered an oil change kit and fuel filter kit. Should be on the road this wednesday. I have a general OBD2 scanner. I've read about the VAG COM just enough to know I'd like to have one. I don't want to spend any more than i have to as the reason I'm driving this car is to save money.... :|
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