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new guy

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I have owned my 2006 Jetta TDI for a few months now and have been a regular visitor to this site during that time. The myriad of faqs have been really helpful and although I've only done routine maint on my vehicle thus far, I am going to start really getting my hands dirty in the engine compartment.

My mpgs have been a little low ever (like mid 30s) since I got the thing and I will be checking the MAF, cleaning the intake and EGR, and (if i can solicit the assistance of my VCDS wielding friend) turning that EGR thingy off. Of course, most of this wouldn't be possible to me if I didn't know about this site so :bowdown and thank ye kindly.
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Tire pressure?



You can't turn off the EGR with VCDS on the newer cars.
I keep my tire pressure at 90% of it's recommended value. It's a manual, and that's about 33-36mpg mixed city/hwy. I basically drive it like a grandma, shifting to the next gear so it lands at or around 1700 rpm, when cruising keeping the rpm's low, I also like coasting in neutral and long walks on the beach.

As for the EGR: damn! I was planning on turning it off to keep the intake clean after I take it apart... Eh, I'm mainly in this game for the fuel mileage, so keeping the EGR is fine by me. :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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