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New guy

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Just saying Hi. I've got a 2002 Golf tdi. I've got just over 85k on the clock. Installed a tuning box about a week ago and immediately started slipping the clutch in every gear. I've also got some new nozzles ready to put in but need to get the clutch situation under control first. I received my new clutch yesterday (a new SBC stage 2 daily w/smf). I'll probably tackle the job myself if I can find a good how-to!
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But it's more fun now right:nana2: which tuning box?

There's a step by step walkthrough in the FAQ. In the meantime, roll into the throttle slower and apply power higher in the rpm band and it should slip less. You could also try the hairspray trick if you're stuck - open the flywheel inspection hole and spray lots of alcohol hairspray in there. It temporarily increases grip and washes away dust.

If the kit comes with the G60 flywheel you'll probably use the same torque specs but of course, any manufacturer instructions come first. Welcome!
Thanks for the welcome! The tuning box is the Diesel Power Digi Z from Parleys. Kinda expensive but works much better than I expected. Not sure if it's a G60 flywheel or not. Just says SBC flywheel? Here's the link http://www.idparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=860
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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