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new guy saying hi

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Sorry I didn't post here first but as you can tell a keyboard feels foriegn and a ballpeen hammer doesn't.I live in N.Y.(but this will soon be fixed)and the car I own is actually driven by my daughter.A 2001 jetta1.9 TDI with 4000 miles on the rebuild.It's an e-bay horror story and I still get watery in the eyes when I tell it,so for now i'm not going there.I got introduced to this site by doing an info search on the tdi dual spring injector setup in my 2001.I got my next spanking in that article.Truth is good though it sometimes hurts.the power of truth is it free's you to make better choices,at least at a latter date.The last part of my intro will be to say,that what seems like an economical choice,can turnout to be the most expensive when all is said and done(the cost to do it right the first time as opposed to doing it over again).My diesel experience is in heavy duty and offroad so I look forward to learning from the shared experience found in a venue like this and would like to say thankyou in advance for all the help this will afford.dante
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It sounds like ballpeen hammer is for hitting yourself over the head ;)
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