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HI All.

I've floated around this forum for a few days prior to collecting my new golf, which was great as it gave me enough information about the bluetooth car kit to know what to ask and make sure i got what i expected...

My first Vw was in 2008 58 passat CC GT loaded and TBH it got more looks and enquiries than any other car i've owned..which goes form 911's to X5's... was very reliable and did a great job.

I fancied a smaller car ready for the next family car purchase which is looking like a toureg so looked at polo's, A3 and as soon as i saw the golf gt in deep black pearl i new i had to have it.

Spec is: bluetooth prep, 510 header unit, alcantara seats, mdi, vancouvers... so not to high spec but perfect for me.

The phone prep is the best i've used, i even get a dial pad on the 510 unit if i want it, not used voice control yet? does it have it?

Anyhow... hope to hear some tips about running a golf...



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I believe UK RNS 510 may have voice control. The head units are different in Europe vs. North America so I'm not sure but I know there is talk of certain firmwares supporting it. Alcantara seats, is that part of a sports package or a standalone option?

That sounds like a very nice car.
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