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I had been looking for a good opportuity to get my hands on a TDI. I've had alot of different VW's through the years formally including '72 Ghia, '63 Ghia, '69 Ghia conv., '74 Super Beetle, '72 Bus, '66 Custom bug, 1980 Scirocco S, 1970 Ghia, 1972 914 Porsche/VW. Current stable includes a 1992 GTI 16V, 2002 Passat 1.8T, and now proudly a 1999 Beetle TDI!!:thumbsup. The TDI wasn't running when I got it (cheeeep) but after getting it home with a little tinkering got it to start up. Only has 86k on it so I figured it just needed some adjusting. Have done so far: Replaced TB, water pump, etc.., cleaned out the intake/EGR, replaced elephant hose with longer clear tubing (for now), all vacuum lines. Brakes are either under boosting or needs new brake lines, have ordered new fuel temp sensor because on a 90 deg day I can't get the reading above 5 dec C. Think that's what's causing my timing to jump around. Oh yeah, I have licensed Vag-Com version I had already been using on my Passat.

Thanks for all the great posts on this site!! I look forward to contributing. - Dan
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