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New civic hybrid pics

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It could be really good camoflage but it looks really priusy

Our team of spy photographers caught the next-generation Honda hybrid in the scorching deserts of the Southwest performing hot-weather testing. You can immediately tell from the car's profile that Honda's new "green" car is going straight after the Toyota Prius. Although the car is heavily camouflaged, you can see the basic overall design that mimics Toyota's popular hybrid and is heavily influenced by the shape of the company's FCX Clarity fuel-cell concept that appeared at the last Tokyo Motor Show. Back then, the FCX was introduced as a sporty hybrid, but it's obvious from these photos that usable economy is the name of the game now. Some have speculated that this new car will replace the now-discontinued Insight in Honda's lineup, while others maintain that it will become the new Civic Hybrid. Whichever label it wears, one thing for sure is that it will be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the world, and may wrest the crown away from the Prius as the world's favorite green car.

The price of this new car will be low, as Honda maintains it will be an entry-level car with 200,000 units selling annually — half of those to be sold in the United States. Early rumors indicate that it may be as low as $19,000. With seating for five, this 4-door, front-wheel-drive hatchback will be using an updated motor-assist hybrid system and an advanced nickel/metal-hydride system, not lithium-ion batteries. We're not sure yet on the gasoline part of the equation; it could be the company's lean-burning 1.3-liter inline-4 (in the current Civic Hybrid) or something even leaner. The expectation is class-leading fuel economy, no doubt way north of 40 mpg. Look for the new Honda Hybrid to arrive at dealerships here in the States in late 2009.
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It must be since the taillights are so high.
That must be camo since it looks exactly like the Prius. It doesn't make sense to call it a civic and it's too expensive to mod a civic body so if that's it's true form, it must be another model.
It better be good, the next prius will probably introduce plug in capability, if not right away, then rolling in, that will be a tough competition for honda. The honda hybrids have not sold well compared to the prius.
They have to make it look like a hybrid. Part of the preinus envy is that you let everyone know you have a hybrid by driving an ugly car.
They have to make it look like a hybrid. Part of the preinus envy is that you let everyone know you have a hybrid by driving an ugly car.
LOL, good one. I don't have an once of preinus envy because I don't get over 60 mpg and don't care:nana2:
Official pics: Looks a lot better than a prius, IMO. Cheaper too, this one sounds like a winner.


TORRANCE, California — Honda on Thursday lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding its new Prius fighter, saying the compact five-door hatchback — christened the Insight — will make its debut on October 2 at the 2008 Paris Auto Show. Honda said the Insight, which will undercut the price of the Toyota Prius, will go on sale in the U.S. next spring.

The new Honda Insight is expected to be priced from under $20,000 and is the first vehicle in Honda's ambitious hybrid strategy. In comparison, the 2009 Toyota Prius starts at $22,660, including a $660 destination charge.

Honda plans to roll out four new gas-electric models over the next four years as part of a broad global strategy to boost hybrid sales to 500,000 units by 2012 — which would represent more than 10 percent of its total worldwide annual automobile sales.

"Following the launch of the new Insight, Honda also plans to introduce another unique sporty hybrid vehicle based on the CR-Z, first shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show," the automaker said in a statement.

Also in the pipeline is a replacement for the current Civic Hybrid, which is due out in late 2010, and a new hybrid edition of the Honda Fit in 2012.

The new Insight is a major leap from the original Insight, a cramped 70-mpg two-seater subcompact that was introduced in December 1999 as America's first gas-electric hybrid car. Honda took pains in its Thursday announcement to describe the new Insight as "roomy." It said the futuristic Insight Concept "shares styling cues with the Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle and will provide an early look at the highly anticipated five-passenger hybrid vehicle."

Honda said it was able to hold down the price of the production Insight "by utilizing a more cost-efficient version of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid technology, resulting in a new level of affordability for hybrid customers worldwide." Although it provided few technical specifications, the Japanese automaker also said the production Insight will have "a function to assist customers in achieving more fuel-efficient driving habits." The new Insight will be built in Japan.

The Honda Insight is expected to have annual global sales of 200,000 units a year, with about 100,000 of those in North America.

What this means to you: A more affordable Prius fighter is on the way from Honda and could be in your driveway in just a few months. — Anita Lienert, Correspondent
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Looks good, if it's close the the prius it'll sell well. The current civic hybrid doesn't have very good mileage to justify the price.
Looks like the car in back is an FCX, the hydrogen fuel cell car. If they can bring a lithium ion battery before the prius, honda FTW!
At that price point, depending on mileage and how it drives, I might consider defecting. Honda makes a good product.
Official pics and stats: this one looks really good. I never liked Toyota

The Honda Insight concept took a hushed bow under the lights of Paris today. It's Prius-esque, but in person the car is less evocative of its Toyota challenger. The Insight's width and rather low height give it a substantial presence, and there's a bit of attitude out back with the hatch sliding into a flick of a tail. We imagine some of the more complex elements, such as the headlights reminiscent of shards from Superman's home planet of Krypton, will not make it to production. We hope the interior, however, is left untouched -- it is just the right blend of tech and common currency. The production version will be introduced to the public at the Detroit Auto Show in January and pricing is rumored to be just under $19,000 when it goes on sale.

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Call me weird, but even though it has the same basic shape as the prius, it looks sexy. It's like the dumpy librarian took off her glasses and put on a shiny white dress.
It's a concept car, it says that the production version isn't ready. For example, the headlights are all LEDs, that won't make it to production.
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