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New chassis code for mk6 Jetta is 16 and other misc changes

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I found this little tidbit in the latest version of the parts diagram. The new chassis code for the mk6 Jetta is 16. This means the 7th and 8th digit of the VIN numbers on mk6 Jetta will be 16. Normally it's a number and a letter so I don't know if it's just temporary.

From what a third party said and looking through the parts diagram, I can confirm that VW decontented the sliding armrest. The armrest normally tilts up-down and slides out to extend. I don't think most people would notice or care about removing the fancy trunk hinges, the locking rear folding seats (for valet security), the AC vent in the glovebox (I've never used it once), or would notice the return to hydraulic power steering. But seriously! The armrest was extremely comfortable because it slid out and they just turned it into a mediocre armrest! Base models don't even have an armrest (TDI do).

I can also confirm that they removed the hood shock support and replaced it with a simple rod to stay open.
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I agree. Who cares about a soft dashboard unless you're sitting on it. But they should have kept the stuff that you touch and look at. They did a good job on the restyling but the new instrument cluster looks cheaper and it sounds like there's more than just that. Give people a reason to buy the Jetta instead of a Corolla, VW. Is that what they meant by the people's car? J/K
Buy the old glovebox from the dealer, put it on, problem solved :) It looks like the interior is the same as the Golf.
never i used the slider in my 06, so i'm good :)
Reminds discusses a lot of the changes I their scathing first drive of the '11.

Go test drive a Corolla and you'll come running back.

Reliability and styling that defines generic vs. a big car that looks nice and drives nice. Despite the content loss, the mkv was derided for its Japanese styling when introduced too.
never i used the slider in my 06, so i'm good :)
You must either a. sit very upright or b. are tall and sit back. I like the forearm:armrest ratio to approach at least 0.5 for maximum comfort.
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