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New Canadian member

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I have probably jumped the gun a bit here as I am currently negotiating the purchase of a new 2011 Golf TDI Wagon. I have now spent several hours reading other material about the current wagons, and I find it very interesting, much more detailed than I have seen on any other make.

I am also a fancier/owner of old British cars and I currently have two Morris Minors in the process of restoration, I hope to have both of them on the road in the next couple of months. After spending virtually all of my working career in the motor industry an early retirement package came along in 1991. If I'd known I would live this long in such good health I might have held out for a better deal :D Thinking this could be our last car, my wife and I decided it better be a good one and the VW TDI certainly qualifies even though I could go for a "family plan" deal from my former employer.

I'm looking forward to following this forum, just as I follow the British car forums.

DM aka fussyoldfart
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Welcome! What cars did you build?

I used to be interested in a Triumph Spitfire (or Alfa Spider) but sanity took over because the Miata is just so much more modern and well sorted. I don't want anything that will catch fire if I honk the horn! (Lucas electrics)

Well, counting only since retirement, I have had a 1953 Morris Oxford, a 1950 Standard Vanguard, a 1963 MGB, a 1950 Morris Minor Tourer w/Alta OHV conversion and a 1967 Morris Minor 2 door. The first three I have passed along to new owners, the Minors are in restoration now. BTW, Lucas electrics get a bad rap in my opinion, I have had no serious trouble and I've had British cars from time to time beginning in 1951. You do have to check the wiring harness for corrosion at terminals but once a year is enough to keep that in good order.

I'm really looking forward to my new Golf TDI. Have made the deal, should get the car before month-end.
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