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New Beetle trunk release adjustment

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Is there an easy procedure to adjust the trunk release on a New Beetle, 2002. The lid partially releases but then it takes two people one to hold the release switch and one to pull up on the lid. There has to be an adjustment...thanks.
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There's the hex head bolt on the hinge itself that is supposed to adjust how far down it's allowed to go. I've got the same issue and have yet to get around to it.

The rubber bumpers are supposed to twist and adjust how far down the bottom is allowed to go. There's a spring in the release mechanism as well, I would check if its lubed at all.
beetle hatch adjustments

There is not much easy on new beetles.... However on either side of the hatch opening are rubber stops as well as on the hatch itself. Move the stops on the body up and the stops on the hatch down.
This is done by loosening the torx bolts (2 per stop) if memory serves they are T20. If the stops have already been moved to their limit I would suggest buying some new ones as rubber eventually hardens/collapses and degrades over time.
Assuming the car has not been in an accident or had the hatch replaced this is really the only thing that can "change" by itself. Attempting to adjust the upper or lower latches WILL be an exercise in futility not to mention frustration! Good luck, L.
Thanks for this info...have made some progress by lubing etc...works okay when it is warm out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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