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New to the forum. Have a question regarding my options for an upper radiator hose replacement. Here's the deal the I recently acquired a 13 touareg tdi excutive trim with 200k for $500.00 that is in need of some engine coolant/oil leaks repaired and an alternator replacement. Its out of tdi warranty by just a few miles. The dealership quoted the customer prior to me about 8k in needed repairs. Roughy 29hrs labor to fix the leaks and alternator plus 4k + in parts. I got a full list of needed repairs and part numbers and sourced most of them directly from VW at wholesale pricing. However the upper radiator hose is on nat b.o with no eta. Etc. I have found a source for a used one another source for a new hose however the part numbers are different. The oem part I need is 7P6122101K and the listing for the new part is 7P6122101J and is readily available in a jax depot. The information states this fits a 2011 touareg. However the parts look absolutely identical. I called VW cross referenced the parts and. I was advised that they are different. I first assume d the part number had superseded and changed. Now my question is has someone used the 2011 upper rad hose on a 13 or newer touareg, cayenne or q5. If so did you have any snags or modifications that had to be made during install? Are indeed the parts truly different. Im curious to know. Below I will attach photos. 1st pic part # ends with k second pic part # ends with j

Thanks in advance

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