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New 2010 JSW Owner - Early Christmas!

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Just picked up my new Sportwagen yesterday:

2010 JSW TDI manual, Reflex Silver/Titan Blk. Options: Panosunroof, protection package, 17" wheels, rear side airbags.

Placed the order around 10/20 - expected due date was 1/20/2010, but somehow it arrived about a month early - Merry Chrismas!


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Nice, they even put a bow on it. To all the doubters, these cars DO exist! They aren't yetis.
Nice color, make sure they actually did the delivery checklist!
Yeah - the checklist was in the glove compartment and it was checked and signed off. To be honest I haven't gone over the checklist myself yet to make sure everything was really done (the weather here has been cold and nasty), but I'll get on that the next free minute I get.

No, they didn't put a bow on it. They had a few bows on cars in the showroom and I asked it they would put one on mine so I could take a picture. I was actually surprised they hadn't thought of that. It would have been a really awesome and special moment had I NOT had to ask for it - but they were really cool about doing it anyway.

So far, I'm loving the car. There's a few strange things to get used to - like not being able to lock the doors until they are all closed. By habit, I usually lock mine on the door as I'm leaving the car - as opposed to using the lock button on my key. Need to retrain myself there. The owner's manual is not that great and doesn't align with my car exactly. There's buttons my car doesn't have - ie an "OK" button on the turn signal, etc. I've found other alternatives to do everything that doesn't coincide, but it's irritating to read the manual and then follow steps, just to find out they don't work.

I like the bluetooth a lot - it makes taking and making calls soooo much easier.
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You don't have the OK button on the turn signal because that's for the trip computer. It's replaced by the MFSW buttons.
congrats knutter - looks just like mine! (I think you can see it here somewhere - check my profile.)

re: owner's manual - yeah my car also does not quite match up... i guess they went for one size fits all - argh. can you say database? online?

re: bluetooth - when i found a local dealership that had most of what i wanted on the lot, the same day, it did not have the navigation package (which i also think is grossly over-priced), and i bought it.

so the bluetooth is a little brain dead. certainly an improvement over no bluetooth - but still kinda sad.

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