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I have been reading on this site for several years, have not had anything to post.
I bought a new Passat SEL Prem TDI back in 2013. Great vehicle! I put 100,000 miles on it before VW made me an offer I could not refuse. That was in June of 2017 after I found a NEW 2015 SEL-TDI. Only issues, both covered under warranty, were the heater core problem and an oxygen sensor. At 75 years old, I have bought many new and used automobiles. This was without a doubt the best, and I have owned just about all the brands except Toyota. (Nothing negative meant about Toyota. Just never bought one.)
Back to the 2013 TDI. Such a pleasure to drive. I was retired before buying it, so none of the miles were commuting to work. We made 3 major trips with it that took the car 44 states. I see through misdirected notices that I get, that the car now has 162,000 miles. After the initial 35,000 miles, I did ALL the oil changes myself, including the DSG. Actually, I did a couple oil changes in the first 35,000 miles, including the DSG. I used VW DSG oil, as at that time AmsOil did not make a product for the DSG.
So for my 'new' 2015 SEL TDI. It had 98 miles on it when I bought it. Now has 55,000. At Interstate highway speeds it gets better MPG than the 2013 did. I owned both vehicles for 30 days, so I had the opportunity to drive one then the other several times. The 2015 has more air noise around the windows. (Workmanship not quite as good.) I had to remove the driver's door inner panel to secure and fastener that was allowing a LOT of air noise. Passenger door has some noise.
The 2015 shifts at more desirable RPM points. I manually shifted the 2013 most of the time, just leave this 2015 in Drive. (maybe it's me getting old) For 2015 the gear ratios were changed in at least the top 3 gears for about 100 RPM less at 55 in 6th gear. Also, Reverse gear is lower (more RPM=more power, less speed). Very big improvement, unless you are into racing in Reverse.
My only complaint with both cars would be the seats. Again, maybe it is my age, but these seats are no way near as comfortable on longer trips as my Odyssey.

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