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new guy here.Just thought I would let everyone know after looking for a exhaust system for my tdi and nobody makes anything but stock stuff.I was looking on craigs list and local guy had a neuspeed catback system for a jetta gasser (i think it was a 1.8)so I had my old stuff out so I took it with and it looked like it would fit.WELL it fit right in hanger location too, and it was necked down to fit right up to pipe after cat.I cant understand why neuspeed doesnt say they have anything for tdi's.
But I wanted bigger right out of turbo so I built a down pipe(2.5") and ran that to slip joint.Then cut off resonator off the neuspeed(because its small on the cat side) and welded a 2.5" pipe from where the resonator was.
The exhaust is quiet like stock but the turbo noise sounds like a jet engine sitting on the runway(but pretty quiet)at idle.When you drive it it sounds like a 18 wheeler on the highway (turbo spooling up)
I cant really say if it added any power because I drove the car home when I bought it and the exhaust was rusted so I ripped it off and the intake was plugged so I cleaned that out.SO I really cant give a before and after comparo.
I am having a problem going into limp mode on a hard 4th gear rollon from about 1800rpm it will pull up to about 3200 then kick in limp mode.But if I run it thru the gears 1-2-3-4-5 hard it doesnt do it.Is just the long pull in 4th gear.havent tried 5th.

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Save your money and to a local shop and have them fab up a 2.5" straight pipe system to replace your stock system just make sure it extends slightly beyond the rear valance to elimiante drone. A gasser sytem won't work on a tdi. if you find it too loud have them place a glasspack in. Here in in NC you can have one done for lass han 300 bucks turbo to tip.
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