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Need Repair Manual for 2010 A3TDI

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My daughter's A3 is coming up on 5K miles so I need to gear up. Bentley only shows 06-09 A3 manual. Not sure how much TDI info therein and how applicable to the CJAA/CBEA engine.

As the owner of a 2006 VW Touareg V10 TDI which has always been serviced at home with the aid of VCDS, I know a bit about particulate filters, oils, SRI reset's, etc.

Our dealership here is 4 months old.

Should I buy the 06-09 Bentley? Is there a better choice?
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The Bentley for the Jetta may also be useful, as it also uses the CBEA/CJAA engine.
For the engine, the 05-2010 Jetta manual is a good one. It doesn't have as much detail as the older gen one but it has enough to do most services and the engine is the same. I still don't know why the Audi A3 TDI fuel filter is different though. The manual will probably work for the suspension too. Not the trans though because not even the bentley has any mention on DSG trans removal or flywheel info.

FYI, there's a writeup contest for step by step pictorials and the A3 FAQ section could use some more writeups out...original and new writeups will qualify for contest, current prize is a $50 e-gift certificate to kermatdi.com and it will also help many others if you can document what you do with the car.
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