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It probably uses the Bosch "VE" style pump. It's the same style of pump that the VW uses but over the years they've changed it quite a bit.

The leak is probably due to the change in fuel. With such an old pump that is used to the higher sulfur diesel, the shock in changing to the new ultra low sulfur diesel that is in almost all US pumps caused the seal to shrink and leak.

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Yes, it uses the Bosch rotary VE but some use the VP20 (california and may not apply to the lincoln). The fuel leak is due to age and the changeover in fuel type.

I joined a 524td bulletin board to find these answers:

I can tell you that the leak is usually at the timing
advance cover on the lower drivers side of the IP near the front. It
has two 25 torx bolts holding it on. You should be able to remove the
cover without removing the pump on a 524td (spring and 2 washers
inside). IP has to be removed on a Lincoln. It has a square o ring
seal. The right side can leak but not as common and IP must be
removed. The IP head o ring will sometimes leak too and can be
changed without full dissassembly if you are carefull.

You should be able to clean it good with something like purple stuff,
engine cleaner or carb cleaner. Dry it off, crank it up and look with
a mirror to determine where it is leaking. Or hold a clean rag under
it and look at the rag for fuel spots.

If it leaks bad cold and slows when warm it is the timing advance

If you want a Kit, Bosch has a DGK 121 Kit that has almost everything
but the front seal and it has the WRONG TOP COVER gasket. DO NOT use
the top cover gasket with this kit. It will break the cover! The kit
includes brass washers and small o rings.

Bosch also has a DGK 126 kit that I think has the right top cover but
the front seal is wrong on this one too.

Front Seal: 1460283312
Timing advance covers two: 1460210300 (green)
Pump Head O Ring: 1900210154 (green)
Top Cover Gasket: 1460206303

You can join the bulletin board here: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/524td/ It's for the 532td, but they seem to know something about the lincoln too.

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The Bosch Ve pump is a pretty common design. If it's anything like the older VW IDI pumps it's a rotary pump with a "throttle" on the top and a cold start advance solenoid on the bottom. If you take it to a diesel injection pump specialist they should be familiar with it, I think the older Dodge Cummins also used a Ve pump.

If you can get the pump out they are not too hard to put in new exterior seals. That should stop any leaking.

The leaking is the shock of going to USLD from the older fuel. Biodiesel can sometimes also shock the seals and make them leak. The car is also over 20 years old too, that doesn't help either.

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If you are using biodiesel and switch from bio-petrol, I hear that this can also cause leaking. If you use one fuel, it's best to stick with that. A high percentage of bio can affect the seals if it's used petrol all it's life. Making bio at home can also eat the seals if you don't react the methanol well.
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