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VAG Error Code: 17656

EOBD II Error Code: P1248

Fault Location:Start of injection - control difference

Possible Cause:
Loss of Power at high Engine Speeds.
Engine difficult to Start.

Start of Injection Timing Regulation not OK.
Injection Pump Control Range blocked/dirty (e.g. by Metal Particles).
Engine has stalled / ran out of Fuel recently.
Wiring/Connectors from/to Injection Valve (N108) faulty.
Injector needle lift sensor.
Fuel level low.
Pump timing.

Possible Solutions:
Check/Adjust Injection Start.
Check Fuel Supply.
Check/Replace Fuse(s).
Check/Repair Wiring/Connectors from/to Injection Valve (N108).

Special Notes:
Might by stored with other codes like 17654/P1246/004678.

Cheers chitty. ;)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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