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need code 17656 help!

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HELP!... 2002 JETTA TDI, about 143,000 miles. Bought it 6 months ago, runs great! Had timing belt and fuel filter replaced at that time. Occasional 17656 code initially, but nothing lately until a week ago on a long trip. I clear it, but it comes back after a couple trips. Even when the engine light is on, it still runs great, plenty of power, starts instantly, idles smoothly. Getting upper-40's fuel milage. Hard to believe there's anything really wrong, but what should I be looking at to get rid of the intermittant code?...

I've read thru some of the posts and it seems to be a code that is caused by problems with the injection pump, but most posts mention the engine running badly, so not sure that's the cause of my code!
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Did you ever solve this issue? I am having the same problem. The code shows, I can clear it, but it pops back up again. The IP was replaced, but I have adjusted the timing folowing procedure, and it runs perfect right now. I put a new fuel filter in at the same time as the pump replacement. Anyone have thoughts on this?

If it was a fuse, which would I be checking??

Should I just clean the wiring connector with electronic cleaner??

Any help would be great...thank you!

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