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Brought a 12 VW Toureg with $84K miles and according to Carfax it has not had anything done since 11/016. I really like the car but need to make sure that it's it good shape engine wise. The last report from Carfax shows that 80K mile service was done and i guess i am a bit nervous as there is nothing else done or recorded for the last 4K miles. I took it to a local dealer when i had a flat but the way he said they did an inspection did not satisfy me.

I would appreciate someone who knows how to work on the V-Dubbs and give me some advice on other things on the car. The other thing that worries me a bit was i thought i could smell some oil but when i opened the hood i dont see any spills or any drops in my garage. Should i just take it for an oil change since it's been possibly sitting for over 2 years /

Any advice will be greatly appreciated ?

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