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myturbodiesel project wagon sold

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And the car is sold!
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Thanks, if it doesn't sell I am willing to sit on it for a while. Then it'll go on ebay. Gas prices will go up this summer and people will be looking for fuel efficient cars again.
Unfortuately, the market will decide what it's worth no matter how much you put onto it. I think it's free to list cars on ebay but they really stick you if the auction results in a sale.
True but I'm willing to sit on it to find the right buyer. I regret selling it because of the amount of work put into it.

And I did a compression test today, all 4 cylinders quickly go the 300s and max out at 500psi. This is above VW's spec for a new engine (after you break in an engine compression will go up)

With great compression, new injection pump, new clutch, this car can run great for a long time.
I saw this on ebay, good luck with the sale, it looks beautiful.
It's a nice car but the price is high - you never make the money back on mods and the economy is soft. 1 year ago this would have sold fast!
Thanks for the comments, I don't want to let it go too low but I want to get rid of it to make some space.
Wow, no bids? Looks like a clean car. It must be the color, good luck!
Car was sold! Someone bid at the last second. Someone else said they tried to bid at the last second too but lost their internet.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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